The Future of Filmmaking

Are Tablets and Smartphones the Future of Filmmaking?

Changing filmmakingAlmost all of us now own a tablet or a Smartphone, almost all of us carry it everywhere with us. There are apps for everything from playing games and editing photographs to entertaining the kids. Some of us may wonder how we would survive without our beloved gadget!

The Smartphone has certainly created the ‘era’ of instant photography, we all use them to take holiday videos and party snaps, two seconds after the record button is pressed ‘hey presto’ they are visible for all our friends and family to see via social media.

But what does this era of instant photography and instant videography mean for the film industry and the future of filmmaking? The average film can take months to shoot, a process which costs a lot of money. Tablets and smartphones are becoming more advanced by the day, they could iron out the cost and time it takes to make movies and become the new piece of filmmaking equipment!

Many would argue that these gadgets could never replace the expensive equipment that is currently used; they lack specifications and functions needed to create a good movie. But it is exactly this controversy and limiting factors which made the iPhone an ideal choice for the 2011 short movie, Framed which was filmed entirely on a mobile device. This year we will also see the release of Indie psychological thriller, ‘Uneasy Lies the Mind’, the first ever full length film to be shot entirely on an iPhone.

And so it seems the future of filmmaking is set to change, but what does this mean for the director, the film crew, the producers and other members of the filmmaking business? Perhaps in the future filmmaking will change altogether, there will be no crew, and instead it will simply be one man and his iPhone, or perhaps this will create a new category of film to be entered into film festivals and awards shows. Either way it is an exciting time for the world of Movie making and all that it has to offer.

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