Locarno International Film Festival

Locarno International Film Festival Launches Industry Academy

Locarno International Film FestivalLocarno International Film Festival has joined forces with the Locarno Summer Academy to launch a Pilot Project open to Young European professionals in film distribution, exhibition, sales and marketing.

This will be the 5th annual Locarno summer Academy, launched in 2010 with the aim of assisting the development of emerging talents. The Locarno Summer Academy is a training program for young filmmakers, professionals, students and film criticsHowever, 2014 will be the first year of the collaboration and Pilot Project  entitled “Industry Academy”, which will run between 8th and 12th August.

The educational project will allow nine young European professionals to meet with seasoned industry professionals who will discuss the challenges they have faced in the industry, discuss case studies and explore new approaches to areas such as sales and marketing, exhibition and distribution channels.

Locarno International Film festivalLocarno International Film Festival recognise that there is a gap in the market for Film training, while young talent looking to become film directors or actors can attend film school, there are no specific courses for people who want to become distributers, exhibitioners and sales and marketing professionals within the film industry. These are all areas which are vital to the success of the film industry and it is definitely worth investing in the time and education of these young budding film professionals.The course will give the participants the chance to ask questions and seek advice and reflect on issues they may have already faced; it will also provide a strong networking opportunity allowing them to mix with people already successful in the industry.

The participants have been selected from six different countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. The Pilot Project has been designed in cooperation with Europa Cinemas, Europa Distribution and Europa International.

Film Investing is happy to see this collaboration; it is great to see more opportunities arising for young talent who want to be part of the film industry. Film is an important part of our culture and hopefully we will see more courses like this, investing in the future of film.

If you have taken part in a course like this and found it beneficial to your career within the industry, let us know and we will post your story on our blog and social media.

To read more about the Locarno International Film Festival collaboration, check out this article from Screen Daily. .


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