Celebrating the British Film Industry

Film_Investing_British_FilmThe British Creative industries contribute £71.4 billion per year to the UK economy; The United Kingdom has masses of creative talent especially when it comes to the British film industry, after all the UK has the third biggest entertainment market in the world after the USA and Japan. In 2013 British film received 25 awards for both British films and British film talents including 6 Oscars and 13 BAFTAS.

The film industry isn’t just about the BIG A LIST celebrities, the red carpet and the Hollywood premiers, there is so much more to the world of film. Everyone’s career has to begin somewhere and many of today’s Hollywood stars began their career on the set of an independent film, something which can be overlooked and sometimes forgotten about.

Film_Investing_EwanThere are many high profile British actors who got their big break in a small budget independent British film, Take Ewan McGregor who got his international breakthrough with British crime drama ‘Train spotting’ and Keira Knightly who gained widespread recognition in 2002 after her role in British comedy drama ‘Bend it like Beckham’. 

The British Film industry is something to be proud of, not only is it a thriving industry full of amazing talent but it’s great to see your hometown, city and favourite place in a British film. It also gives us a true sense of pride to watch an actor who is originally from your local community or who you have mutual friends with, went to your school or drank in your local bar, on screen. The budgets for Independent films are much smaller than for the big block Busters, and so British Films pose less of a financial risk for investors looking for an alternative investment opportunity.

To celebrate the British Film Industry and British Film talent, Film Investing will be taking a look at some of the top British Actors throughout the month of September, giving you an insight into their lives, career and their journey to the British Film Scene….stay tuned….

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