Celebrating Independent British Film: Sean Bean

Film_Investing_British_Film_talentThis month to celebrating Independent British Film , we will be looking at some British actors, their film careers and what makes Independent Film Special to them!

Today we are taking a look at Sean Bean, the British heartthrob often described as “the sexiest man in cinema”.

Sean Bean is best known for playing the bad guy in films such as: IRA Terrorist opposite Harrison Ford in the 1992 action-suspense film, Patriot Games and as 00 officer Alec Trevelyan, James Bond’s friend in the 1995 James Bond film, Golden Eye. Bean is widely recognised as villainous treasure hunter Ian Howe in the 2004 American adventure/heist film, National Treasure and played a villainous scientist in the 2005 American science fiction action thriller, The Island .

However, his roles haven’t all been dark; in 2001 he played the noble Prince Boromir in the epic fantasy film, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The film grossed $47.2 million on its opening weekend and went on to make a worldwide total of $870.7 million. In 2005 Bean portrayed Legendary Greek king, Odysseus in the 2004 epic war film, Troy. The film made over US$497 million worldwide and is one of the top box office hits of all time (Not bad for a guy who had no intentions of becoming an actor).

Film_Investing_SharpBean’s other roles have been as diverse as they have been memorable: from the Irish terrorist in Patriot Games; Richard Sharpe, the heroic soldier who marched his way through Europe in the television series, Sharpe, and former SAS agent, Sgt. Andy McNab in war film , Bravo Two Zero, to the rogue lover in films such as A Woman’s Guide to Adultery and Lady Chatterley.

Although Bean has become one of Hollywoods versatile stars recent years have seen him take on more challenging roles in smaller independent films such as American crime thriller, Ca$h; Creepy Horror, The dark, and British action thriller, Clearskin. Independent film is very important to British culture and is equally as important to British actors, not only do Independent films allow actors to get back to their roots, but Independent films often allow them to get their teeth into something which is more intense and character-based.

In an Interview, when talking about Independent film, Bean said:

“I find things like this very interesting, very rewarding and fulfilling, because it is a small crew and not a massive budget and there is a certain amount of intimacy, which is always conducive to doing good work and you don’t get lost in the machine, as you can do in big Hollywood blockbusters.”

Bean believes that there are so many stories to be told and by so many good writers however, he is very aware that funding is key to getting a British Independent Film off the ground and to get the exposure and distribution they need.

Its very important to the British Independent film industry that they remain just that, independent! That is why today many Independent Films  offer alternative Film Investment opportunities to help them raise the equity needed to finance the film while allowing them to remain independent. Because Independent Films often have a smaller budget they pose less of a risk to investors than that of larger Block Buster films. They do not need to recoup as much money before the film hits break-even point which means investors will see a much earlier return on their investment….a positive for everyone!

It’s great to see such an important and successful actor supporting Independent British Film and shows us that in the world of film, Hollywood isn’t everything!

There’s no telling where you might see Bean next, one thing is for sure it’s sure to be a great film…watch this space. Stay tuned for our next post on British actors and the Independent British Film Industry.

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