Horror Films are big business

Horror Films are still big business!

Horror Films Horror Films are still big business! Monsters and Demons, strangers in a dark room, vampires, zombies, extreme gore and shaky found footage; people have a fascination with being scared, providing they are in the comfort of their home or at a packed cinema of course!

They make you scream, jump, hang on the edge of your seat and cover your face with a cushion, people love horrors films and the notion of being scared or spooked never grows old. With Halloween just around the corner you are sure to see your fair share of freaky events on screen over the next few days.

But it’s not just the adrenaline rush that make horror films, so fascinating, Horror films are big money makers for the movie industry! They are cheap to produce and have huge profit margins compared to more costly action, comedy or drama hits. Last year, four films: The Conjuring, Carrie, Insidious 2 and Evil Dead made over 650 Million at the Box Office alone, which show just how much people love horror films.

This year’s favourite supernatural horror, Annabelle has recently hit the big screen and has so far been a great success. The film which tells the story of a killer chucky style doll was made on a £4 million budget and blew up the Box Office expectations with $37 million in its debut week, and it’s rumoured that Warner Bros are already planning a sequel.

Horror FilmsAnnabelle, Isn’t the first Horror movie to show such results; American Action film, The Purge which had a $3M budget earned an estimated $36M on its opening week and Paranormal Activity was the most profitable film of 2009, taking in $193 million in global ticket sales against a £3M budget.

Horrors are the best investments studios can make, they don’t cost a lot to make and can make a profit very quickly. Old school effects such as Creaking doors, scary masks, an old house and some creepy music is often enough to set the scene and have people hanging on the edge of their seats! Most horror film lovers almost don’t care what the film is about or who stars in the film, they aren’t watching to lust after the latest heartthrob , they are watching  because they want to be scared and want the adrenaline rush from the film scenes.

People are curious about monsters, myth and murder, we are fascinated by watching these types of films with the blood and gore and events which are so grotesque they churn our stomachs, because they know they aren’t real.

Horror films become addictive and if  the producer gets it right the first time they can take advantage of the results by creating a sequel,  and even a franchise such as the 2004 Saw Franchise, capturing the audience, leaving them gasping for more.

Let us know what horrors capture your attention this Halloween….

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