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Movie Marketing Tips For Indie Film

Movie MarketingMovie Marketing Tips For Indie Film; When marketing a movie timing is incredibly important, it is vital that you build up as much hype as you possibly can just before the release of the film. Of course there are many ways of doing this; the big budget studios spend millions on movie marketing. However, not every film has the funds to do this, So how can a small budget Independent films make marketing work for them?

Movies are content goldmines; there are so many stories to be told when it comes to marketing a film, from using the lead character to connect with the audience, background on the actors and production team, to images of the film set. Film Investing has put together a few ideas to help with your movie marketing strategy.

Movie Marketing with Social Media

Movie MarketingMake your Facebook and twitter page interactive, after all social media is meant to be social! Ask your followers questions, ask for their opinion on things such as the movie poster or the artwork on the front cover of the DVD cover. Create an app or some interactive games that you can attach to your Facebook account, release snippets of information and leave them gasping for more. Most importantly, make sure that your posts are frequent and visually compelling; take advantage of hashtags on twitter and follow and re-post things which are related to your Movie.

Include all social media platforms in your movie marketing strategy such as Vine, Pinterest and Instagram, they are all free to join and have the capabilities of sending your content viral. You can add special effects to your photos with Instagram and go to town with your video marketing on YouTube or Vine.

Why not take advantage of the footage you already have and make a few different trailers showing different sections of  the film as a teaser in the lead up to the main trailer and send these viral through social media, getting people hooked and keeping them guessing before they even see your official trailer!

Guerrilla Movie Marketing

Movie MarketingWord of mouth is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to marketing, think outside the box, do something which will create a buzz after all movie makers are creative people. Guerrilla Marketing is a great way to get people talking and to get them involved with your brand, and it doesn’t need to cost the earth.

In the words of the late Jay Conrad Levinson“Guerrilla marketers do not rely on the brute force of an outsized marketing budget. Instead, they rely on the brute force of a vivid imagination.”

DragonSkull1A great example of Guerrilla marketing took place in July 2013 when the TV series, Game of Thrones planted a giant dragon skull on a beach in Dorset as part of their TV advertising campaign to promote the latest series of the show. A more recent example is this month’s  “Paddington Trail” where 50 specially designed bears have taken over the streets of London in the lead up to the release on the new Paddington Bear Movie. Whilst these stunts would have cost a bit of money, yours doesn’t need to, the possibilities are endless, all you need is a little imagination and creativity.

Movie Marketing: Involve your audience

Every film needs extras, either for the actual movie or for the trailers and advertising campaigns in the lead-up to the film’s release. This is a good way to get your future audience involved with your film. A great example of this is from the lead up  to the launch of the 2007 action adventure,  Dark Knight, Warner Brothers launched the award-winning “Why so Serious?” campaign, which brought Gotham City to life.

Movie MarketingWhilst you might not have the budget that Warner Brothers had, you can make this idea work for you on a smaller scale. You could combine this with a Guerrilla Marketing campaign, create your advert in a public place or create a competition online offering the appearance as the prize.  If you have some “Evil Characters” in your film, why not take them along to a landmark and create an event such as a public scare on Halloween.

Of course, the above is only an example of a few things you can to do get your marketing off the ground. Movie Marketing is not an easy task, it requires a lot of work but one thing it does not require is a big budget. All you need is creativity and you are sure to see great results. Investing in film isn’t just about the money; it’s also about the time.

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