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A look back at the highlights of the British Film Industry in 2013

As the end of the year is fast approaching, and we patiently await the film industry stats for 2014, Film Investing is taking a look back at some of the highlights of the British film industry from 2013:

  • British FilmThe UK currently has the third largest entertainment market in the world after the USA and Japan; according to the British Film Institute it is predicted to overtake Japan by 2018.
  • UK film took $4.1 billion at the global box office in 2013, an 11% share of the world market!
  • A record 698 films were released throughout the year in 2013, an average of 13 per week, generating £1.154 billion. Only around 12 of these were big budget blockbusters. The bigger the budget, the bigger the risk! Smaller film productions offer the chance of more profit for less risk. BFI Statistical yearbook
  • The highest grossing UK independent release was Philomena (£11m) followed by Quartet (£8.6m), I Give It a Year (£6.2m), Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (£6.17m) and Sunshine on Leith (£4.6m).  Source: The UK Box Office in 2013British Film
  • UK films and British Film talent won 25 international awards in 2013/14 awards season, a total of 10 awards were won or shared by British women. We are UK Film

The top 5 Independent British films of 2013 were as follows:

Film Box Office Revenue in million (GBP)
Philomena 10.79
Rush 10.09
Quartet 8.59
I Give it a Year 6.22
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa 6.17

(The Statistic Portal)

Of course, a film doesn’t need to be a large success at the box office to be a successful, the global marketplace for film and TV is growing rapidly as a result of the increasing amount of platforms and media by which they can be shown. What will the end of year results bring for British Film in 2014? sign up to our newsletter to find out!

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