Christmas Movie

What Makes a Good Christmas Movie?

Christmas MovieThe Christmas holidays are all about spending time with your loved ones, a time when we seek home comforts, a warm blanket, lots of food and of course a feel good Christmas movie.

Watching a Christmas movie is something we all enjoy, the perfect feel good film to make us laugh while surrounded by family and friends. From the classics to the modern day takes, comedy and action, everyone has a favourite Christmas movie they like to watch in the lead up to the big day. But what makes a good Christmas film?

Christmas films usually have an all important message; most often it’s to remind you that the holidays aren’t just about you!

Christmas MovieThe Classic Christmas Romance

There are times when we all love a good cry when watching something delightfully slushy. Whether it’s the romance of The Holiday, starring Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, the trials and tribulations in Love Actually and Bridget Jones Diary, or the enchantment of Miracle on 34th street starring the late Richard Attenborough, a slushy Christmas film should be engaging, entertaining, well written and well acted.

The Modern Movie

Sentimental slush is not for everyone, many of us want a movie that will provide great entertainment and some even enjoy a good old fright night horror at Christmas creating a darker glow on the festive holiday season! Batman, Die Hard, Doctor Doolittle and the Gremlins are all favourites , not necessary about Christmas at all.

Christmas MovieWhile a Christmas movie doesn’t need to be about Christmas, Film Investing believe that a Christmas movies should have a positive message at the end to help us get into the festive spirit for the holiday season.

A few  favourites from the Film Investing office include: Jingle All the Way starring Arnold Schwarzenegger; Cool Running’s starring Doug E. Doug, The Grinch and of course Elf, starring Will Ferrell.

Film Investing would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




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