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2015: The Year of Indie Film?

Indie Film2015 is shaping up to be the year of Indie Film. January has been a great month for Indie Film and British Film Talent with Indie film leading the way at both he Golden Globes and the nominations for the Oscars. The other week we seen Indie films Birdman and The Grand Budapest hotel each received nine nominations. Birdman also walked away with three Golden Globe Awards; the majority of this year’s Golden Globe winners were Indie Films. In an article written after the big event The Hollywood Reporter claimed that “The 72nd annual Golden Globes, held at the Beverly Hilton and broadcast by NBC, could easily have been mistaken for the Film Independent Spirit Awards as small indie and specialty films walked off with the bulk of the night’s hardware.”

The recent announcement that Amazon are set to produce 12 Indie films per year released in cinemas and on Amazon Prime has also sent out a message to the Hollywood Studios. Could this be a case of roles reverse? It certainly seems that this year the studios are going to have to get creative with their films if they are going to compete with Indie Film.

Film Investing are delighted to see Indie Film do so well and receive so much media coverage, there were a few surprises and it’s very positive to see Indie Film come out on top, showing that it’s not just the Hollywood Studios and big name actors that determine a film’s success.

Many Indie Films do, however, lack the funding that the big studios have, most have small budgets and fund their films by offering film investment opportunities. However, a lower budget needn’t be looked upon as a negative aspect of an Indie Film. A lower budget means they have less money to recoup, meaning there is less of a risk for investors who chose to invest their money into an Indie Film. Investing in Indie Film is becoming a popular choice for many investors due to the extra benefits attached. Investors often have the opportunity to be part of the glitz and glamour of the movie business by appearing as extras, attending red carpet events, attend sets visits and meeting the creative team.

If you would like to find out more about film as an investment opportunity and the different types of film and investment opportunities on offer, sign up for our newsletter. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the Oscar results for Indie Film; you will just have to sit tight until the 22nd February! However, it certainly looks like it’s set to be a great year for Indie Film.

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