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Investing in the British Film Industry

British FilmLast week the government announced that Britain’s creative industries are to receive a boost from new tax breaks; British Film production will receive an increased rate of tax relief of 25 percent as part of the 2015 Budget.

During his budget speech on Wednesday, Chancellor Osborne said, “Our creative industries are already a huge contributor to the British economy, and today we make our TV and film tax credits more generous, expand our support for the video games industry and we launch our new tax credit for orchestras, Britain is a cultural centre of the world and with these tax changes I’m determined we will stay in front.”

Pinewood StudiosThe Studios

Britain is lucky enough to have two large world famous production studios, Elstree Studios and Pinewood Studios. Both of which are home to a number of Top British Television series and have been the studio of choice for a number of British Films and international Films.

In June 2014 Pinewood Studios were given the green light for an extension plan, the Pinewood Studios Development Framework (PSDF) which will see the British Film studios almost double in size to include a further 12 stages, workshops and production offices, creating over 3000 jobs for the British Film industry and an extra £30+ million per year to UK exports.

At the moment Pinewood Studios provides over one million sq of studio space, including one of Europe’s largest, 200 acres of outdoor filming space, an underwater filming stage, it is also home to a number of small companies offering expertise to the creative industries (film, television, gaming, and advertising) from specialised accountants to production and special effects companies, employing over 700 people full time.

British FilmInvesting in Education

Despite the success of the British Film Industry, there is a shortage of educational courses offering learning in aspects of film such as visual effects. As part of their bid to expand, Pinewood Studios have also been working on educational courses with capture company Centroid, Wycombe College, the Open University and Aston University. The courses will offer entry-level qualifications, apprenticeships and online learning to students.

Invest In British FilmBritish Film

The British Film Industry is a great success story and with extra funding, studio expansion and new educational courses being offered it’s set to become an even bigger one. As 2015 becomes the year of Indie Film, film as an investment opportunity is something we are seeing more of. Independent films don’t have the money that the big studios have and so they need to raise equity in other ways, such as offering Film as an investment opportunity. This not only allows the Independent producers to remain in control of the film but it allows Independent film remain just that, Independent.

A film investment opportunity allows you to be part of something much bigger than just an investment, it allows you to be part of the next big success story, offering you a number of additional benefits to simply a return on investment, including:

  • Tax Relief
  • Ongoing Royalty Payments
  • Set visits to watch the film being made
  • Invitation to special screenings
  • Up to 25% returns before the production company take any profit

If you are looking for an investment opportunity to help you plan for your future, why not join the government and invest in British Film? To find out more about British Film Investment opportunities, register to our website today.


British Film As with any investment opportunity, it is important to do your research before committing, past performance is never a guarantee, and you should never invest what you simply can’t afford to lose.





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