British Film

Investing in the British Film Industry

Last week the government announced that Britain’s creative industries are to receive a boost from new tax breaks; British Film production will receive an increased rate of tax relief of 25 percent as part of the 2015 Budget. During his budget speech on Wednesday, Chancellor Osborne said, “Our creative industries are already a huge contributor to the British economy, and … Continue reading


Celebrating Independent British Film: Sean Bean

This month to celebrating Independent British Film , we will be looking at some British actors, their film careers and what makes Independent Film Special to them! Today we are taking a look at Sean Bean, the British heartthrob often described as “the sexiest man in cinema”. Sean Bean is best known for playing the bad guy in films such as: IRA … Continue reading

Creative industry investment

UK government set to match-fund creative industry investment!

Businesses from the creative sector are set to invest £16 million into skills training, boosting the UK’s total creative industry investment pot to £37 million. According to Screen Daily online, businesses from the creative sector, led by Channel 4 and Creative Skillset, have pledged to match the £16 million fund revealed by business secretary Vince Cable earlier this month to develop and … Continue reading