Jane Campion

Jane Campion becomes president of Cannes Jury

Jane Campion, writer, director and producer was the first ever female to be awarded the Palme d’Or at Cannes for her 1993 film ‘The Piano’. Campion was described by Cannes officials as a “major filmmaker and indefatigable pioneer.” Campion first attended Cannes back in 1986 with her short film entitled ‘Peel’, which won the ‘Short Film Palme d’Or. Her other … Continue reading

Next Pavillion Cannes

Cannes Film festival introduces new next pavillion !

This year’s Cannes festival introduced a new area which is dedicated to the main players of tomorrow’s cinema. The NEXT Pavilion will be the new welcome place for industry professionals who are looking to develop and promote their business or who are searching for a new market place. The NEXT Pavilion offers a space for film industry professional to exchange … Continue reading

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling steps out of limelight for directorial debut

Ryan Gosling the Oscar nominee, universally known movie star and heartthrob has accomplished many things in his career in the entertainment business. And now for the first time in his life Gosling will appear at the 2014 festival de Cannes, not as an actor but as a director. Last year the 33 year old actor starred in the most controversial film … Continue reading