Horror Films are big business

Horror Films are still big business!

Horror Films are still big business! Monsters and Demons, strangers in a dark room, vampires, zombies, extreme gore and shaky found footage; people have a fascination with being scared, providing they are in the comfort of their home or at a packed cinema of course! They make you scream, jump, hang on the edge of your seat and cover your face … Continue reading


The Race is on: The Film Awards

As the Summer Film Festival season begins to cool down, the race is on for the awards season. While the Oscars are six months away, November marks the list building process where film studios, distributors and publicists try to get their films seen; DVD’s and invitations to special screenings are sent out to industry professionals. There are a number of … Continue reading

International Film Festivals

Top International Film Festivals in Autumn 2014!

Last week we gave you a list of the top Summer Film Festivals still to come. Most of these are now in full swing and as we hit the end of August it is time to start thinking about what is happening in the Autumn. Film festivals offer a great networking opportunity for film lovers and film talent alike, whether you are … Continue reading