Film Tax Relief

UK budget 2015: Increase in film tax relief

Earlier today the budget was announced; one of the key points, there is to be an increase in the rate of film tax relief. With a main objective of encouraging production of culturally British Films in the UK, George Osborne announced that film tax relief (FTR) will be increased to 25%, for all eligible films in the UK. The Current … Continue reading

Taxable Income

How to make money and reduce your taxable income

If you have been wondering how to make money and reduce your taxible income , here is your answer. Many of us worry about the amount of tax we will pay on income from investments and often it can stop us from investing altogether. But there are some investments out there which offer you the chance to make money and … Continue reading

International Film Festival

China to Launch International Film Festival

China’s cinema giant, Wanda has announced plans for an international film festival and film park which is set to launch in Qingdao, China in 2017. Wanda owns a number of Cinemas’ throughout China and is the biggest shareholder in the North American cinema circuit. The new film festival is set to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western filmmaking cultures. … Continue reading