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LAFF Favourite Nightingale Sends Powerful Message to Audience!

British Film Producer Elliott Lester’s Nightingale had its’ world premier at LAFF on Thursday night. The film was voted as a LAFF Favourite by the mainstream media in the run-up to the festival. Nightingale screened as part of the Muse section which highlights movies set in, filmed in and inspired by Los Angeles. The film stars multi award-winning David Oyelowo … Continue reading

L.A. Film Festival

LA Film Festival – The 20th Anniversary

This week we will be taking a look at the LA Film Festival, also known as LA Film Fest or (LAFF). The Festival started on Wednesday 11th June and runs until Thursday the 19th June, taking place at LA. Lives’ Regal Cinemas downtown. In honour of the festivals 20th anniversary this year, a new section, L.A Muse, will highlight movies … Continue reading